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Rules and Regulations
A completed application must be submitted and must have description of what you will be providing.  Your booth will not be assigned until your application has been processed.  

Must provide documentation of non-profit status with application.  Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate or W-9

Vehicles staying on site
Using the trunk to distribute information about non-profit and treats.  Please let us know, so we know how to place you.  

Tent Weights
Tents must have a minimum of 40 lbs on each leg.  This is the responsibility of the booth operator.  Any tent not properly weighted down prior to the event start time will need to resolve the issue or tear down and leave the event grounds.  You may NOT tether your tent to another tent or object.  Ground steaks and/or spikes are NOT allowed.  This is a SAFETY issue. 

Concession/Food Vendors
Are those who vend hot dogs, burgers, jerk chicken, BBQ, drinks etc.  you must submit a copy of your  Williamson County Temporary Food Permit within  5 days of submitting your application from the health department. Health Department will be checking all vendors to make sure they are compliant to Health Codes in Williamson County and City of Georgetown.  Food Vendors are required to have a 2A:10BC Rated Fire Extinguisher with an annual inspection tab or receipt (date of purchase must be visible) and attached to the fire extinguisher.

Limited location with electricity is available for $10.00. An outdoor-rated electrical cord of a minimum of 50 feet is required. Locations for electric are C14 - C28.  If you paid for electricity please make sure you have been assigned one of these numbers prior to event.

Booth  Assignments
Are made based at the discretion of the coordinator.  Due to logistics, any vendor/non-profit may be required to move. There are no refunds or credits provided in these instances.

All Non-Profits & Vendors must park in lots located at 7th & Rock or 9th & Main.  DGA event participants may NOT park in front of shops.  Failure to comply with parking requirements may result in being banned from future events and/or being towed at the vehicle owner's expense.  Handicap parking is available in the lot located at 9th & Main.

Restroom Locations
Please do NOT use the restrooms in merchant's store and/or restaurants unless you are a customer.
~ 7th & Main Street Portable Toilet
~ 7th & Main Street in the Visitors Center
~ 8th Street in the Georgetown Library
~ 9th & Main Street behind Grace Heritage Church

Set-Up Details
Please check the website for booth assignment Friday before event. Streets and curbs will be marked with booth numbers.  The middle and merchants side of the street is non-electric booth numbers. Curb on the Courthouse side are marked with electric booth numbers.

Everyone must be in place by 11:30 a.m. as the barricades will be set in place and will not be moved until after event and when safe for the public.

Set-up time for tents is 9:30 a.m. we ask that you drive up to your booth space and unload your vehicle including your tent & weights then go park your vehicle.  Then come back and set up your tent area, we recommend before popping up your tent to put weights on each leg of your tent first for safety.  Then set up the rest of your booth. 

All booths will be inspected by Fire & Safety to make sure they have correct weights on each leg

Set-up time for cars is 10 a.m. if you are in a car that you will be using your trunk to distribute information and treats please park in the space assigned with your trunk facing the center of the street.

Tear Down
We ask that you start packing up at 3:45 p.m. and no later than 4:00 p.m. The streets must be re-opened for evening business-therefore barricades must be removed by 5:30 p.m. no exceptions. 

Trash Disposal
You are responsible for cleaning up your location during and after event.  You are required to bring your own trash container and NO TRASH is to be left on the square. Please remove your trash and take it with you at tear-down.  We are guests of the square. Non-profits/vendors leaving trash behind are subject to a minimum $50 clean up fee.

Early Tear-Down
Is NOT permitted for the safety of our guests and non-profits/vendors, tear down will take place at the posted closing hour 4 p.m.

Questions during event
Coordinator(s) are on-site all day to assist you. They will be located on the Main Street court house pad during the event.  Check-in at the information booth located on Main Street.  We ask that you DO NOT interrupt other vendors with questions.  Please call or text Melody Copeland 512-639-8719

Responsibility of all Booth Operators
As a Booth Operator(s), you agree to
  • Abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein and such other rules as may be established or amended by Downtown Georgetown Association.
  • Have items or conduct activities and/or services that have been specifically approved in writing prior to the event.
  • Assume full and complete responsibility and hold harmless Downtown Georgetown Association, Williamson County, City of Georgetown, its officers council members, directors, servants, agents, employees and/or volunteers from any loss, lost profits, damage or injury to the person or property of the Booth Operator or Booth Operator's agents, customer, or invitees.
  • ​Maintain his/her space, merchandise, activities and business practices in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Act in accordance and manner as stated in the contract.  Any violation of or non-compliance with this release or any rule, requirement, regulation, law, ordinance, or decree may result in immediate expulsion from the event  without a refund and/or any fees paid. 

Booth Operator(s) are responsible for all "booth" set-up and take-down of merchandise, displays and tents or covers.  It is further understood that each booth operator(s) is responsible for assuring that all items in his/her own booth are well secured in the event of inclement weather, i.e. wind, rain, etc., and a minimum of 40 pound weight must be secured on each leg of a tent and parts of booth (tables, shelves, hanging racks, etc.) so that those items and items positioned on them will not blow into or damage another booth operator's booth/merchandise​. You are responsible for any damage that you or your products cause.  

Whew!! We understand this is a lot to take in, but this is for the safety of all who will visit the square.
Most of all we want you to have fun!