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Direct Sales   aka "party sales"
Direct Selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment. Sales instead occur in non-retail locations, such as a home, work, online, etc. 

Direct Selling Representatives / Independent Consultants / Distributors typically work on their own, affiliated with a company and often the structure encourages recruiting persons to also sell the product. 
Set up starts at 7am. Event Hours 9am - 4pm (2pm July/Aug)
No Early Tear Down
All vendors must depart event area no later than 5 pm
For All Vendors

Vendor Questions 
before, during and after the event:

Everyone has questions and we encourage you to contact us. There are Coordinators on-site during the event to assist you. Be sure you have the contact information AND that you have opted into the texting application.

Please do not opt out of emails or the texting service. This is how you will receive information and updates regarding events.

We ask that you do not contact other businesses with questions. They are also trying to setup, operate their business or tear down to leave
and they often are not able to answer your question.

Coordinator's phone - 512-639-8719.
Before you submit your application, please read and be familiar with our event policies, guidelines and procedures
Retail / Professional Services and Direct Sales
Retail / Professional Services / 
Service Providers

Retail: applies to any person or entity who sells product (including handcrafted items) purchased from another person or entity.

Professional Services / Service Providers: Examples: chiropractic, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, homeopathy, travel services, insurance agents  
New Direct Sales Policy (est. 2020)
DGA greatly appreciates the interest and participation from all of our applicants in our events. Over the past couple years, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of applicants we categorize as  Representatives / Consultant / Distributor with Direct Sales Companies. In the past we limited the number of Representatives / Consultant / Distributor (herein referred to as "Agents"). 

The Agent applying for the booth must also be the operator.
As our new policy aims to ensure equal participation,
all Agents must apply separately. 

In the past it was sufficient to limit the number of Agents per event; however, with the increasing number of Agents, we have been asked to address equitable participation in our events. In an attempt to ensure more Agents are able to participate throughout our Market Day seasons, Downtown Georgetown Association has revised our policy.  Please read the information below for our updated policy regarding Direct Sales Agents.

Direct Sales Reps / Consultants / Distributors ("Agents") when completing the application, please choose the months you would like to participate. In order for us to be able to provide everyone timely notification of application status, the deadline for Direct Sales applications has changed: an application must be received no less than five (5) weeks prior to the date of an event. 

Applications received less than five (5) weeks prior to
the date of an event will not be considered.

All applicants will be notified three (3) weeks prior to event.

Multiple Applications Received from Agents with the Same Company
As we frequently receive applications from Agents of the same company requesting the same month, for any month in which more than one application is received, DGA will hold a lottery (drawing); the results of which will be be emailed to all applicants. 

The Agent selected to participate will be removed (if applicable)
from the following month to allow another Agent to participate.

Agents will only pay once approved. Also, the DGA Fundraising Event Coordinator will determine the location (aka “booth space”) for the event.

DGA Vendor Relations & Event Coordinator

Contact Information:
 512-639-8719 or email